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Lizzie Sorrell is an artist from Louisville, Kentucky. Her love for the arts has led her to Savannah, Georgia where she is now a freshman at SCAD, majoring in Film and Television. As a multidisciplinary artist, Lizzie's references include both performing and visual arts. Her love for community and storytelling is apparent throughout her body of work.


Since 2020, she has worked as a production assistant for The Theatre Downstream, a community theatre based in Henry County, KY. She is involved in the theatre's shows throughout the season in various capacities, including teaching at their camp during the summers and collaborating with the current president and founder Ashley Raymer-Brown on projects such as "The Lemonade Jamboree," a twelve-part internet television show featuring all original works with theater alumnae, and "G.L.O.," an original play with music written by Ashley Raymer-Brown and Rebekah Raymer about the true story of the Ghost Ladies of Ottawa. She has also worked as an apprentice for Kentucky Dance Academy and as a marketing intern at Legence, Inc. In 2022, she attended the Kentucky Governor's School for the Arts program as a Film and Photography student.


Lizzie is particularly passionate about artistic and educational storytelling, especially in rural and highly stigmatized areas. Her goal is to help others expand their knowledge through artistry and create open and safe spaces that welcome everyone and broaden their horizons. She is driven, hard-working, and loves a challenge. Currently, she is working as a substitute teacher in the Savannah Chatham County Public School System.

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